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Every year, companies and individuals spend tons of time, effort and money to get simple, fairly straight-forward contracts. These include contracts such as Power of Attorneys, Affidavits, Wills, Indemnity Bonds, Lease/ Leave Licenses, Service Provider Agreements, and more.

As experienced legal professionals serving businesses for years, we at LegalJini, explored for ways to make it easier for individuals and businesses to buy, and access legal contracts. The result of this deep research and business insights is LegalJini's Legal Contract Store.

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LegalJini's Ready-to-use Contracts are priced affordably.

Contract Type Price Customization Stamp Paper
Routine Rs.299 Rs.299 extra Rs.599 extra
Important Rs.499 Rs.499 extra Rs.500 extra
Complex Rs.999 Rs.999 extra Rs.500 extra

Choose from the following categories of legal contracts:

Property & Real Estate

Wills & Power of Attorney