Educational trust draft India

Deed of public trust for educational objective

This is a deed for formation of a public trust with prime objective of providing educational services to the society.
"Trust is a transfer of property [movable or immovable] by the owner [author/settler] to another person [trustee] for the benefit of a third person [beneficiary] along with or without benefit for himself/herself. Trust can be created either by executing testamentary document i.e. WILL or by non - testamentary document i.e. Deed of Trust signed and registered by the creator of the trust or trustee in case of immovable property. A public charitable or religious institution can be formed either as a Trust or as a Society or as a Company registered u/s 25 of the Companies Act. It generally takes the form of a trust when it is formed primarily by one or more persons. It is essential that the transferor of the property viz the Settlor or the author of the trust must be competent to contract. Similarly, the trustees should also be persons who are competent to contract. It is also very essential that the trustees should signify their assent for acting as trustees to make the trust a valid one. This deed is executed as public trust deed with the object of education. "

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