Litigation Support Co-ordination

Advice on your court cases. Co-ordination with lawyers for better speed and results.

  • Advisory + Co-ordination for all types of legal cases across India
  • Advisory includes lawyer recommendations, drafting of petitions/complaints/pleadings, co-ordination and follow-up, till the case is concluded
  • LegalJini has a network of recommended lawyers [Note: LegalJini has no monetary interest / profit sharing with these lawyers and is just offering this as a service]
  • Meeting with recommended lawyer [‘third party’] for discussion and fees finalization with the lawyer
  • Ask for custom quote, based on your requirements and number of locations required
  • All communications / documentation will be in English
Does Not Include: 
  • Help-desk contact after 6:00 pm during week days or on public holidays
  • Physical visits to your office, or physical meetings with our lawyers / staff
  • Discussion / opinion on subject / query other than mentioned by customer in on-line form
  • Refund due to any inability / dis-agreement / dis-satisfaction of customer with recommended lawyer
  • Any fee negotiation / payment disputes between customer and our recommended lawyer
  • Clauses you insist on inclusion, but which we find are not as per law or void
  • Any claims on LegalJini
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I needed a reliable lawyer at Jamshedpur for a cheque dishonor case, I got all support from LegalJini - find it more convenient and also got reliable lawyer

Thelma Menezes, Juhu, Mumbai