Litigation Support Co-ordination

Advice on your court cases. Co-ordination with lawyers for better speed and results.

  • Advisory + Co-ordination for all types of legal cases across India
  • Advisory includes lawyer recommendations, drafting of petitions/complaints/pleadings, co-ordination and follow-up, till the case is concluded
  • LegalJini has a network of recommended lawyers [Note: LegalJini has no monetary interest / profit sharing with these lawyers and is just offering this as a service]
  • Meeting with recommended lawyer [‘third party’] for discussion and fees finalization with the lawyer
  • Ask for custom quote, based on your requirements and number of locations required
  • All communications / documentation will be in English
Does Not Include: 
  • Help-desk contact after 6:00 pm during week days or on public holidays
  • Physical visits to your office, or physical meetings with our lawyers / staff
  • Discussion / opinion on subject / query other than mentioned by customer in on-line form
  • Refund due to any inability / dis-agreement / dis-satisfaction of customer with recommended lawyer
  • Any fee negotiation / payment disputes between customer and our recommended lawyer
  • Clauses you insist on inclusion, but which we find are not as per law or void
  • Any claims on LegalJini
Rs 0.00

I own an ancestral property in India and wanted to appoint a care taker for my property with appropriate contractual terms under legal guidance as per Indian laws, LegalJini provided full assistance to make it possible in short time without my contacting various Indian contacts, relatives or law firms for such basic need.”

Ashwin Patel, NRI