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Get specially researched legal opinions in writing. On any topic. For just Rs 1999.

Researched by our experienced lawyers. Culled from our up-to-date and extensive legal library.

  • Custom researched and written opinion on Legal Matters per Indian Laws by experienced lawyers
  • 2 hours of research, drafted in minimum two pages in PDF format covering facts, query, law provisions and applicable case laws related to query, and our conclusion / opinion based on interpretations of facts and information provided to LegalJini by you
  • Opinion provided is for your better understanding and not for litigation
  • Full confidentiality assured
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Does Not Include: 
  • Help-desk contact after 6:00 pm during week days or on public holidays
  • Physical visit or meetings with our lawyers / staff
  • Discussion / opinion on subject / query other than mentioned by you in the online form
  • Refund due to any inability / dis-agreement / dis-satisfaction of customer
  • Opinion in a language other than English, when required, will be charged for separately as per the Translation Services
  • Any claims on LegalJini
Rs 1,999.00

I own an ancestral property in India and wanted to appoint a care taker for my property with appropriate contractual terms under legal guidance as per Indian laws, LegalJini provided full assistance to make it possible in short time without my contacting various Indian contacts, relatives or law firms for such basic need.”

Ashwin Patel, NRI