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Get specially researched legal opinions in writing. On any topic. For just Rs 1999.

Researched by our experienced lawyers. Culled from our up-to-date and extensive legal library.

  • Custom researched and written opinion on Legal Matters per Indian Laws by experienced lawyers
  • 2 hours of research, drafted in minimum two pages in PDF format covering facts, query, law provisions and applicable case laws related to query, and our conclusion / opinion based on interpretations of facts and information provided to LegalJini by you
  • Opinion provided is for your better understanding and not for litigation
  • Full confidentiality assured
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Does Not Include: 
  • Help-desk contact after 6:00 pm during week days or on public holidays
  • Physical visit or meetings with our lawyers / staff
  • Discussion / opinion on subject / query other than mentioned by you in the online form
  • Refund due to any inability / dis-agreement / dis-satisfaction of customer
  • Opinion in a language other than English, when required, will be charged for separately as per the Translation Services
  • Any claims on LegalJini
Rs 1,999.00

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