account sourcing in mumbai

Legal Advisors in India

Legaljini team offer you advisory, transactional and outsourcing services for all legal needs of your business:


A Start-up, SME, Foreign Parent company, Listed Companies, NGO/Not-for-profit companies requires advisory from legal / law points related to:

a. Immovable properties – Buy, Sell, Lease, Rental

b. Customers

c. Vendors

d. Investors / Shareholders

e. Manufacturing / Job work

f. Distribution / Channel Partners

g. Advertising / Marketing

h. Logistics

i. Insurance

j. Employment / HR

k. Partnership / Joint Venture

l. Technology

m. International Trade

n. Intellectual Properties

o. Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Indemnity, Tenders

p. Terms & Conditions

q. Website Policies

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