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Enforcement of IPR Raids

Legaljini team offer you Advisory, Transactional and Outsourcing services for all legal needs of your business:

Enforcement of IPR, Raids- LegalJini

Creation of wealth or properties is a real task however another is to protect properties for your best interest is another huge task. Owning a Trademark or Patent or Copyright or Domain etc. a pride and has its value however if not protected well, likely chances that anyone can misuse your IP to pass-off or sell spurious goods to gain profits from your IPs, if no action taken there are chances of negative impact on your name, goodwill as well as huge business loss since someone has already sold spurious/pass-off to your customers.
Legaljini IP legal and liaison team can provide you a strong enforcement mechanism and actions through their all India & International associated agencies for:

a. Market watch / research for such activities

b. Annual budgets for IP Enforcement

c. Investigations to confirm and get leads

d. Sample purchase

e. Legal documentation for raids or court orders

f. Raids through Police liaison or through Court Order

g. Post raid media coverage and arrests

h. Destroy of confiscated spurious goods

i. Follow-up for legal cases till final order of convictions

j. MIS / Reports to management

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