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Registration of patents

Legaljini team offer you advisory, transactional and outsourcing services for all legal needs of your business:

Registration of patents

Patents are drivers or engines globally for intellectual properties and we have seen lacs of inventions which we all have used in our life as well as by all industries. Patents is a legal right allowed to inventors who has invested any new and useful art, process, method or manner of manufacture and includes any new and useful improvement of any of them.
Legaljini team of IP lawyers and expert patent writer associates for inventions in all sectors, industries, types:

a. to provide advisory for pattern strategy considering global markets

b. to do a prior art search

c. to provide opinion on ‘patentability’

d. drafting of technical patent claims for provisional and final specifications

e. reply and hearing for acceptance of claims

f. liaison and follow-up till final registration

g. renewal of patents

h. watch service to protect patents and object for similar inventions

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