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Trademark Registration Services in India

Legaljini team offer you Advisory, Transactional and Outsourcing services for all legal needs of your business:

Outsource IPR Management or Trademark Registration

Many businesses globally as well as in India are valued in billions, many a time due to its Name, you may call it Brand Value, Trademark, Goodwill or an Intellectual Property, for example name like TATA, Reliance, HDFC, SBI are few examples. Creating a business name, do require trademark registration, grow business with this name so now your business name will automatically has its own value. Work around to grow it till highest level.
Legaljini team of IP experts provides following services:

a. Search of existing marks

b. Application for Logo, Wordmark, Punchline, Label in India and other countries

c. Liaison and follow-up for hearings and reply to Registry

d. Reply to oppositions, if any

e. Registration of Marks and management of portfolio for renewals

f. Watch over similar, passing-off marks

g. Opposition against similar marks

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