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FIPB Approval


Few business / sectors in India still require a Prior Approval of Govt of India i.e. FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board) which has foreign investments (in full or part) which can be classified as:

a. Sectors which requires Prior approval on cases-to-case basis for any FDI

b. Sectors where maximum cap is defined for FDI (including 100%) but with prior approval

c. Downstream Investments (step down subsidiaries)

The process of FIPB approval is based on merits with a view of many ministries co-ordinated at FIPB. The process of approval is Prior and hence any new business OR existing business proposes for any Foreign Direct Investment need to consider FDI policies to comply requirements including prior approvals. Generally the process requires a detailed application with justifications and documents seeking approval on merits which requires in-principle approval of concerned ministries co-ordinated at FIPB as a one-window facility.

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