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Periodical Compliance Support

Periodical Compliance Support

Periodical Overall Compliance Support

An incorporated company or LLP is mandatorily require to be managed within framework as per the Companies Act 2013 read with Rules and Secretarial Standards i.e. Board of Directors as Management Team and Shareholders as Owners. Each business has its own requirements for day to management depending on its business, size, number of employees, locations its has business, countries it has presence, type of shareholders (Indian / Foreigner), listed or unlisted, sector where regulator is appointed by Govt. of India like banking or insurance sector etc. Generally many events require regular support of a Company Secretarial support for overall advisory, drafting of documents, registry form filing, and need based approvals from Company Registry, liaison / co-ordination for other Govt authorities, few events are :-

1) Open a Bank Account

2) Appointment or Resignation of Director

3) Issue of shares

4) Bank Loan

5) Buying/ Selling / Leasing of property

6) Tax registrations / changes

7) Appointment of key employees and delegation of powers

8) Annual Budget

9) Legal cases

10) Signing of major contracts

11) Merger, Demerger , Hive-off

12) Winding-up

Legaljini’s team of experienced Company Secretaries can advise and assist you for overall compliance such events on assignment basis or monthly retainership basis.

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