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Outsourcing / KPO

Each and every commercial or non-commercial (not-for-profit) organization of any size – small, medium or large has its main business objectives for which required skill, knowledge, experience is deployed by founders, owners, key management team, domain experts etc. In addition to which there are ‘statutory and back office’ necessity for each of such business. Many large organisations keep most of such back-office team from in-house employees except audits whereas all small and medium orgnaisations find ‘Outsourcing’ as more advantageous. Legaljini offers ‘Outsourcing’ of each of these services as well as “Under-One-Roof Outsourcing for All Compliance Matters” which has following advantages:

1)  Get expert / updated services and no need to employ big back-office team

2)  Savings of almost 30-40% in overall cost as against setting up in-house team

3)  Attrition issue and continuity is not a worry in outsourcing

4)  Key Management Team can focus on business matters without any compliance load

5)  "Under-One-Roof Outsourcing to Legaljini" is a key to success as Founders, Promoters, Key Management team can save time and avoid undue co-ordination role for multi-agency-consulting outsourcing

6)  Best suitable for Start-up, Subsidiaries of Foreign Companies and Large Indian Groups.

Legaljini is providing us “Under-One Roof Outsourcing” on Monthly Retainership basis to many companies which are foreign company subsidiaries and start-up.

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