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Tax Compliance Outsourcing in India

Compliance Outsourcing Services in Mumbai, India

Legaljini Team of accountants under supervision of tax experts can manage complete compliances of your Tax (Direct Tax or Indirect Tax) matters related to Income Tax, Services Tax, Sales Tax (VAT), Excise Duty, Custom Duty under Outsourcing model:

1)  Day-to-day tax levies, withholding tax in Invoices to vendors, customers

2)  Monthly tax calculation and set-off

3)  Monthly tax payments

4)  Periodical returns

5)  Reply to notices

6)  Management of records

7)  Co-ordination for Tax Audits

8)  Annual Tax filings

9)  Attending hearings

10)  Scrutiny matters co-ordination

Deliverables - Tax Compliances

  Tax compliance responsibility of your business includes -

1)   Day-to-day tax levies in Invoices to clients / customers.

2)   Withholding Tax / TDS on payments to vendors.

3)   Monthly tax calculation and set-off.

4)   Structuring Salaries for Employees / Management Team

5)   TDS on payroll

6)   Monthly tax payments

7)   Periodical returns

8)   Reply to notices

9)   Management of records

10)   Co-ordination for Tax Audits

11)   Annual Tax filings

12)   Attending hearings

13)   Scrutiny matters co-ordinations.

14)   Tax Department Liaison

Outsourcing of Tax Compliances Services

Legaljini’s takes your complete load for Tax matters including compliances, records and representing before authorities.

Outsource tax compliance from Legaljini. We have a team of professionals who provide you expert, accurate and timely services for overall tax compliances for your organization whether for Direct Tax or Indirect Tax. Our Team of Chartered Accountants and experienced Accountants manages many types of business in various industries.

  Advantages of Tax Compliances outsourcing to your organization are:

1)   Save staff cost, No worry on attrition

2)   Save office space / cost

3)   Get expert and professional tax services

4)   Accuracy due to monitoring by Chartered Accountants

5)   Get rid of tax losses / penalties for accurate and timely compliances

6)   Save your precious time to focus Business Growth

7)   No worry for Tax Department scrutiny

How It Works

Our expert and experienced Tax compliance accountants will manage complete Tax function via call, email, internet for all clients outside Mumbai (including foreign countries):-

1)   Daily billing, Daily payments, Monthly payroll of your organization shall be prepared and managed by our team.

2)  Monthly Tax payment summary report for previous month payments duly checked by our Chartered Accountant will be provided to your management team for approval accordingly tax payments will be made to authorities.

3)  Periodical returns for GST, TDS, PT shall be done by Legaljini team under approval / signature by your management.

4)  Annual Tax audit co-ordination with your Tax Auditors

5)   Tracking of all tax assessments

6)   Representing authorities on your behalf to reply to notice, preparation of details for scrutiny / assessment

7)   Assist counsels in Appeal / Litigition matters

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