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Automatic Approval Route

Many business of manufacturing or services can do business without any prior approval, means a company having business plans where no prior approval or investment cap or conditionals to be followed, it can be set-up with following steps /compliances under 100% Automatic Approval Route :

a. Formation of a Joint Venture or Wholly Owned Subsidiary
b. Bank account can be open of the Company
c. Remittance of capital by shareholders to be received in bank account including foreign remittance
d. Intimation of Capital Receipt (from foreign country) to be intimated to RBI through bank
e. Allotment of shares by company to shareholders
f. Filing of Form FC-GPR (post-allotment of share) with RBI through bank
g. Filing of annual statement of foreign holding with RBI
Legaljini team has advised and assisted hundreds of JV/WOS under 100% automatic approval route enterprises including initial advise, company formation and compliances (one time and annual).

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