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Factory License

Factory License Registration In India

Factory License registration in India

Every business having business objective of manufacturing of goods need to obtain factory license based on its classification in the type good, likely pollution, use of boiler, number of employees to be employed, manufacturing will be with or without power. The Govt agencies will allow license as per location of factory considering various policies related to business zones, industrial zones, residence zone, environment policies etc.

A Provisional Registration is require prior to actual manufacturing of goods providing all details so that Authorities can provide provisional registration if proposed factory is in line with Govt Policies. Once the factory is set up and manufacturing is commenced, based on inspection of factory by Govt officials a Permanent License is issue.

Once Factory License is issued in the name of Factory Occupier , normally owner, director or manager, all laws related to factory including for machines, labours/employees, pollution, boiler, accidents should be complied for regular renewal of license and also to avoid revocation of license or such other penal actions against company directors / management

1) Statutory law compliances

2) Roles and responsibilities

3) Business security

4) Job rotation flexibility

5) Remuneration details etc.

Vetting of HR Policies from Legal, Tax and Compliance side:

- Recruitment & Separation / Severance
- Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Workplace
- Contract Employees
- Agreements with Trade Unions

Legaljini team of experienced lawyers for drafting of commercial and HR matters can advise and assist you for overall system process, documentation for pre and post interview, job offer, appointment letter contract with key management employees, contract for MD/CEO , severance contract, various HR Policies etc.

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