Agreement for Hire Purchase of a machinery between Company and Firm

This agreement is made by the owner in favour of hirer for purchase of machinery from him with a surety for payment on time. Hire Purchase Agreement is document in which Owner agree to give and the Purchaser [Hirer] agree to take certain goods through the contract of hire with an option to purchase the said goods on making payment of certain sum of amount as down payment and balance amount to be paid by monthly/weekly installments along with interest thereon for a certain period of time fixed by and between the concerned parties, till the total amount of the said goods paid by the Purchaser.

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What is meant by Hire Purchase?


It is a contract for delivery of goods on hire under which the Vendee is granted an option to purchase the goods. The ingredient of hire distinguishes hire purchase agreement from the other contracts for sale or transfer.


Is it obligatory for the Vendee to purchase the good taken under hire purchase?


No, under a hire purchase agreement, the Vendee has an option either to purchase the good or not. In case where the good is not purchased eventually the amount paid till the date of the return of the good shall be retained by the Vendor as the rent for the hire of the good.


Is hire purchase same as lease?


No, in hire purchase upon the payment of the last installment of the amount due the Vendee becomes the rightful owner of the said good, whereas in lease upon the expiry of the term of lease lessee shall have to return the possession of the said good to the Lessor.


What are the major features of a hire purchase system?


•The price of the product is paid in form of Equal Monthly Installment (EMI).
•The Vendee gets the possession of the product on the date of the purchase itself.
•The legal ownership remains with the Vendor only until the payment of the last installment.
•Upon default on payment of an installment the Vendor has a right to demand the possession of good hired without refunding the amount paid so far in lieu of the said good.


Is a hire purchase agreement required to be stamped?


They are stamp-able as an ordinary agreement. Such agreements are generally in duplicate & the duplicates also need to be stamped. If the agreement is in the nature of a lease, it would attract stamp duty as on lease.


Is it required to register a hire purchase agreement?


No, a hire purchase agreement is not required to be registered.




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Stamp Paper

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Stamp Duty Payment option 1

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Number of Copies Needed:

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Photographs & Signatures/ Thumb Impression & Initials:

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Witness Attestation (Both Parties):

This document must be attested by at least two witnesses from both sides.





Registration/ Notary

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Notarisation Mandatory

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You Need to Know:

If there is a contract of guarantee than it must be attested and signed by the Surety/Guarantor. 




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