License to translate book in other language

This agreement is made by the author of a book and a publisher for translating it in another language. Copyright is a form of intellectual property law, protecting original works of author including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, cinematographic, photographic and sound recording work, in a tangible form. Copyright license is an authorization by the copyright owner to enable another party to engage in behavior that would otherwise be the exclusive right of the copyright owner, but without transferring title in those rights. The owner of the copyright of an existing or future work may transfer all or portion of his/her rights in the copyright in the said work to any person on receipt of consideration as royalty for the same, to be use for the entire world or for a specific country or territory, either for whole term of the copyright by agreement of assignment or for a particular period by granting license for the same. This agreement is made by the author (copyright owner) of the book and publisher for the translation of the book in another language.

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What is Copyright?


Copyright is a legal right, given exclusively to the creator or his assignee to make further copies for publication and public performance.


Is registration of copyright compulsory to avail copyright protection?


No. But it is recommended to obtain registration because it is a prima facie proof of ownership and it might be easier to persuade judicial and administrative authorities to grant you interim relief even without notice to the infringers.


Under what circumstances can an award for copyright protection be awarded?


1. Originality: The work owes it origin to the author. Originality is different from novelty. An author of the work need not be the first to articulate the ideas or create the work.
2. Reduction into tangible form: For a work to be protected, it must be written down, drawn, painted or taped. Mere oral expression of idea will not qualify for copyright protection.


How long does a copyright last?


1. Literary Work: Copyright lasts for the life span of the author and for sixty years after the author's death.
2. Joint authorship: Copyright lasts for the life span of the longest surviving author and sixty years after the longest surviving author’s death.
3. In the case of anonymous and psydonoumous work the copyright will subsist for sixty years from the date of publication.
4. Copyright in photographs will subsist for sixty years from the next calendar year of publication.
5. Copyright for cinematographic films will be sixty years from the next calendar year of publication.
6. Copyright for sound recording will be sixty years from the next calendar year of publication.


Do all countries have copyright laws?


Most countries have acts of law relating to intellectual property and copyright issues with regard to their citizens' rights. These countries are usually signatories to the numerous world treaties and agreements on copyright. Copyright laws are fairly similar worldwide.



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