Power of Attorney for Incorporation of Company

Under this Power of Attorney the appointer appoints an attorney for filing required documents with Registrar of Companies for incorporation of his/her company. POWER OF ATTORNEY can be given to blood relatives, non-blood-relatives, friends or any trusted person, who is legally capable to take decision on behalf of the Executor, but should be an Indian Citizen. It is a legal document in which the appointer of the document authorizes someone else to act on his behalf. The rights conferred to the person depend on the specific conditions included in the format of this document, called the Power of Attorney form. This power of attorney is executed to empower the appointee to incorporate a company on behalf of the appointer.

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What is Power of Attorney?


Power of attorney refers to the authority given to an agent by the principal to execute acts and deeds for and on his behalf.


Does Power of Attorney need to be attested, registered etc.?


Power of Attorney is subject to stamp duty and needs to be attested. Power of Attorney that creates interest in immovable property needs to be registered. Registration of a General Power of Attorney is optional. However, it is always advisable to register a General Power of Attorney while registering an immovable property in order to give better title to the property. Special Power of Attorney, under which the Principal authorizes the Agent to register a document executed by the Principal, has to be compulsorily registered. In other cases, the Power of Attorney may be notarized or authenticated by an Indian Consul or Vice Consul or by a Court, Judge or Magistrate.  Local Powers of Attorney should be registered as notarization or authentication may be accepted in the market.


What if the executants of a Power of Attorney are not residing in India?


If the executants of a Power of Attorney are not residing in India, he may execute it in the country where he resides. He should do it before a notary public, Indian Consul, or a representative of the Central Government.


Can a Company grant a Power of Attorney?


Yes, if authorized by its Memorandum and Articles of Association.


Can a Partnership Firm grant a Power of Attorney?


Yes, subject to the terms contained in the Partnership Deed.


What is special for Powers of Attorney executed abroad?


Power of Attorney can be executed in a green sheet or a white sheet and stamped or adjudicated within three months after receipt in India. It has to be authenticated by an Indian Consul, Vice Consul or a Notary. Every page has to be signed by the Principal.


What documents need to be submitted to create a Power of Attorney?


An instrument creating the Power of Attorney. Affidavit, statutory declaration or other evidence verifying its execution. Such documents need to be submitted to the court within whose local limits of jurisdiction the instrument is.


Can a married woman make a Power of Attorney?


Yes. She should be a major. The instrument she executes must be non-testamentary.



Fill in the blank spaces. Delete instructions highlighted in grey.

Fill in the blank spaces. Delete instructions highlighted in grey. E.g. Name, address, date etc.






Add or delete a clause according to your needs. Re-check the document.





Stamp Paper

The Stamp Duty value will be made available to you at your legaljini account on purchase of the document.


Stamp Duty Payment option 1

If you wish to print Agreement on Stamp Paper, you can buy from court/ Stamp office and said Stamp paper will be used as 1st page of Agreement. If you wish to have 2 copies of Agreement you should buy 2 Stamp Papers (one Stamp Paper for each copy)


Stamp Duty Payment option 2

If you have facility of franking for Stamp Duty payment at nearest bank, you need to print the Agreement & get franking done. If you wish to have 2 copies of Agreement you should frank 2 copies (one copy for each party)





Ledger Paper

The rest of the document must be printed on SINGLE SIDES OF A SHEET of Ledger Paper


Available at:

This Legal Size Green Paper is available at any stationery shop.





Printing on Legal Paper:



On Stamp Paper

Print ONLY on the blank portion of the stamp paper.


On Ledger Paper

Print on a SINGLE SIDE of a sheet of Ledger Paper.





Number of Copies Needed:

1 copy





Photographs & Signatures/ Thumb Impression & Initials:

POA must be initialed or marked by the Executor at the end of each and every page and also next to corrections/alterations made if any and should also affix his/her/their mark and the executor must sign, affix his/her/their mark and recent passport size photograph. A photograph must be affixed of the appointee too at the last page.





Witness Attestation (Both Parties):

Power of Attorney must be attested by at least two witnesses.





Registration/ Notary

Registration or Notary is mandatory for some documents. If you need clarification you may contact our Helpline at [email protected] 



Please notarise this document from the Notary Public at your nearest court.




You Need to Know:

POA must be accepted by the Agent/Attorney Holder and also must sign, affix his/her/their mark and recent passport size photograph as a token of identification.




Please contact our Helpline if you have any difficulty.