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Equity or debt funding advisory services are financial advisory solutions that assist businesses in raising capital by selling ownership stakes or shares of their company to investors. Debt funding services revolve around helping businesses secure financing through loans, bonds, or other debt instruments.

Our Equity Funding Advisory Services help businesses secure the financial resources they need to fuel growth and expansion. This approach allows businesses to access funds without incurring debt obligations. 


We guide you through the entire process of creating a compelling pitch to identify and connect with potential investors. With our Equity Funding Advisory Services, you’ll have the support and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of equity finance advisory and secure the capital required to achieve your business goals.

When it comes to Debt Funding Advisory Services, we offer businesses a strategic approach to securing essential financing through loans, bonds, or other debt instruments. We specialize in helping businesses find the most favorable terms and financing options for their unique needs. 

Whether you require a traditional bank loan, or a line of credit, or are exploring alternative lending sources, we can guide you through the application process conveniently.

Why Choose Us

20yrs Of serving clients

Group Established in 2004, LegalJini group provides expert legal, compliance, tax and consultancy services on an Outsourcing Model

1200+ Clients across geographies

Entity types like MNCs, Listed Entities, MSMEs, Startups, NGOs that we have served dedicatedly over the past 20 years

25+ Team of Experts

Including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Compliance and Tax Experts with a combined experience of 150+ years


Debt Financing Advisory

Debt Financing Advisory Services revolve around helping businesses secure essential capital through loans, bonds, or other debt instruments. Debt financing advisory services specialize in identifying and securing the most favorable terms and financing options for businesses.

Bank loans are a traditional form of debt financing where businesses borrow money from financial institutions like banks. LegalJini offers expertise in advisory for securing and managing bank loans for clients.

We assist our clients in issuing and managing debentures, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while optimizing financial returns.

LegalJini helps clients explore and secure External Commercial Borrowings, ensuring adherence to RBI guidelines and facilitating a smooth borrowing process.

Our services cover project finance, offering support in structuring financial arrangements for major projects and managing debt associated with them.

Working capital finance provides short-term funds to cover day-to-day operational expenses, such as inventory purchases and payroll. We assist clients in obtaining working capital financing to maintain liquidity and support day-to-day operations efficiently.

Equipment loans are designed specifically for purchasing machinery or equipment. We help our clients in acquiring equipment financing, negotiate terms, and manage loans for purchasing essential assets.

We specialize in structured financing solutions, tailoring debt instruments to meet specific business needs and objectives.

Acquisition funding helps businesses in securing the necessary capital for acquiring other companies. Our services include securing funding for acquisitions and helping clients with due diligence, negotiations, and financing arrangements.

Promoter funding focuses on providing financial support to the company’s promoters or founders. LegalJini supports promoters in obtaining financing for business ventures, ensuring alignment with their strategic goals.

Mezzanine funding combines elements of both debt and equity financing. We assist clients in accessing mezzanine funding to bridge funding gaps for growth initiatives.

Our expertise extends to securing overseas funding sources, helping clients expand their horizons, and accessing international capital markets while managing currency and compliance risks.


Equity Financing Advisory

Equity Financing Advisory Services involve securing capital for a business by selling ownership stakes or shares of the company to investors. This form of financing allows businesses to raise funds without incurring debt obligations.

LegalJini helps startups and emerging companies secure venture capital funding from investors. This type of equity financing is ideal for businesses with high growth potential but limited operating history.

We connect clients with private equity investors and guide them through the process of negotiating equity stakes, governance, and exit strategies.

Proper capital structuring is vital for a company’s financial health. We assist our clients in optimizing their capital structure by balancing debt and equity to achieve their financial goals while managing risk effectively.

Our services encompass a range of strategic initiatives to help businesses optimize their equity ownership and distribution including amongst family and friends


Services Complementary to Debt & Equity Financing

Services complementary to debt and equity Financing encompass a range of strategic initiatives and support provided by LegalJini to complement and enhance the effectiveness of both debt and equity financing. These services include expertise in areas such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), demergers, buyouts, collaboration, and joint ventures, etc.

Under Mergers and Acquisitions, we facilitate fair valuation, protect shareholder interests, and manage the complex post-merger integration process, helping our clients navigate the tricky landscape of equity transitions.

Our services extend to Divestitures and De-mergers, where our seasoned experts work closely with clients to structure and execute equity separation or asset sales.

We provide invaluable support in structuring and negotiating transactions to businesses pursuing equity buyouts. We assist our clients in structuring financing arrangements, negotiating purchase terms, and orchestrating the transition of equity control.

We ensure that equity ownership, profit-sharing, and decision-making rights are clearly defined, providing a solid foundation for successful collaborations and ventures.


Seasoned and Trustworthy Team

Our team comprises legal experts and industry professionals with years of experience, ensuring reliable solutions for your business.

Tailored to Your Needs

LegalJini offers customized services to meet your unique requirements, ensuring precise and effective solutions.

Comprehensive Compliance

We cover various aspects of legal compliance, from business setup to ongoing governance, providing holistic support.

Global Reach

With a global presence, LegalJini assists businesses worldwide, helping them navigate the complexities of the Indian market.

Our Process

At LegalJini, our process ensures that your funding goals are not just met but exceeded. We’re dedicated to helping you make the right financial decisions and securing the resources needed for your business’ success.

Understanding Your Business

We begin by thoroughly understanding your business and identifying your unique needs, goals, and financial challenges. This insight forms the basis of our tailored advisory services.

Growth / Scale-up Plan

Together, we craft a growth and scale-up plan that outlines key milestones and strategies to achieve your objectives. This plan serves as your roadmap to financial success.

Decision on Equity V/S Debt Fundraise

We guide you through the critical decision of choosing between equity and debt fundraising. We provide a balanced perspective to help you make an informed choice that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

Approaching Investors / Lenders and Raising Money

With your strategy in place, we assist you in reaching out to potential investors or lenders. Our expertise in networking and financial negotiation comes into play, helping you secure the necessary funds to power your business growth. We'll be with you every step of the way, from the initial outreach to the successful acquisition of funds.

Our Clients


What Our Clients Say?

LegalJini played a pivotal role in securing the equity funding we needed to fuel our startup's growth. Their expert guidance and extensive network of investors made the daunting fundraising process feel manageable. Thanks to LegalJini, we're now well-funded and on the path to success.
Mr. Prashant Halari
CEO, Synoverge Technologies
Our experience with LegalJini's funding services has been exceptional. Their deep financial acumen and strategic insights guided us in optimizing our capital structure. Their commitment to our financial health and growth is truly commendable.
Mr. Stuart Wheeler
Air Charter International - Dubai
LegalJini's support in securing private equity funding for our expansion was instrumental. Their team not only connected us with the right investors but also navigated the negotiations and equity structuring with finesse. We couldn't be happier with the outcome and the peace of mind they provided throughout the process.
Mr. Ravi Chawla
CEO, Gulf Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Equity funding involves raising capital by selling ownership stakes, while debt funding involves securing financing through loans or bonds, resulting in debt obligations.

Equity Funding Services provides owners’ funds without any cost, allowing you to access capital for growth without incurring a periodical interest burden. LegalJini assists you in connecting with potential investors and navigating the complexities of equity financing.

LegalJini specializes in various debt financing options, including bank loans, debentures, External Commercial Borrowings, project finance, working capital finance, equipment loans, structured financing, acquisition funding, promoter funding, mezzanine funding, and overseas funding.

LegalJini’s Equity Planning services include assistance with mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, buyouts, collaboration, and joint ventures. We ensure that equity transitions are well-structured and protect stakeholders’ interests.

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