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LegalJini’s Merger and Acquisition Services provide comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking growth through mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or joint ventures. We leverage our legal, financial, and industry expertise to guide clients through complex transactions.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) are complex corporate strategies that involve the consolidation of two or more companies’ assets, operations, and ownership interests. These strategies play a vital role in the business world and are employed for various compelling reasons.

Both of these are transformative business activities where companies come together to create a single, unified entity or integrate specific facets of their operations. Merger and Acquisition transactions fundamentally reshape the corporate landscape and are driven by strategic considerations and financial goals. 

The most common benefits of Mergers and Acquisitions are – Business Growth, Efficiency Improvement, Diversification, Cost Savings, Access to New Markets, Financial Gain, and Competitive Advantage.

At the same time, Mergers and Acquisitions are of various types, these include – Horizontal Merger, Vertical Merger, Conglomerate Merger, Friendly Merger, Reverse Merger, Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase, Tender Offer, Leveraged Buyout, and Acqui-hire.

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20yrs Of serving clients

Group Established in 2004, LegalJini group provides expert legal, compliance, tax and consultancy services on an Outsourcing Model

1200+ Clients across geographies

Entity types like MNCs, Listed Entities, MSMEs, Startups, NGOs that we have served dedicatedly over the past 20 years

25+ Team of Experts

Including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Compliance and Tax Experts with a combined experience of 150+ years


Advisory Services

In M&A, our Advisory Services begin with Appraisal and Evaluation, helping you understand your business or potential acquisitions. We develop a tailored M&A strategy aligned with your goals and create compelling Offering Memorandums.

Our experts provide a comprehensive appraisal and evaluation service, helping you understand the true value and potential of your business or prospective acquisitions.

We work with you to develop a well-crafted M&A strategy that aligns with your business goals and market conditions. This strategy becomes your roadmap for success.

Our team assists in creating detailed offering memorandums that convey your business’s strengths and value proposition, making a compelling case for potential buyers or investors.


Transaction Services

When it’s time to act, we guide Company Sales, Acquisitions, and Divestitures, ensuring smooth transitions, strategic moves, and portfolio optimization.

Whether you’re looking to sell your business or a part of it, we guide you through the entire company sale process, ensuring a seamless and profitable transition.

If you’re interested in acquiring a business or conducting a buyout, our services cover everything from identifying potential targets to negotiating terms and finalizing deals.

Our divestiture services help you streamline your business by selling non-core assets or divisions, and optimizing your portfolio for better focus and growth.


Due Diligence and Integration

This phase involves Agreement Negotiation, Due Diligence, and Post-Transaction Integration, ensuring a seamless and successful M&A process.

We facilitate agreement negotiations to ensure favorable terms for all parties involved, mitigating risks and enhancing the overall M&A process.

After the deal is done, we help with post-transaction integration, ensuring a smooth transition and the realization of anticipated synergies.

Our due diligence services include comprehensive assessments, providing a clear picture of the financial and operational aspects of a business, and minimizing potential surprises.


Seasoned and Trustworthy Team

Our team comprises legal experts and industry professionals with years of experience, ensuring reliable solutions for your business.

Tailored to Your Needs

LegalJini offers customized services to meet your unique requirements, ensuring precise and effective solutions.

Comprehensive Compliance

We cover various aspects of legal compliance, from business setup to ongoing governance, providing holistic support.

Global Reach

With a global presence, LegalJini assists businesses worldwide, helping them navigate the complexities of the Indian market.

Our Process

At LegalJini, our process begins with comprehensive preliminary due diligence, expert business valuation services, approvals from regulators, and comprehensive compliance management. This streamlined approach ensures a seamless and compliant experience for successful mergers and acquisitions.

Preliminary Due Diligence

We initiate the process with comprehensive preliminary due diligence, laying the foundation for a successful merger or acquisition.

Business Valuation Services

During this phase, we provide expert business valuation services, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the value and potential of your venture.

Approvals from Regulators

Our services cover obtaining the necessary approvals from regulators, ensuring regulatory compliance for your merger or acquisition.

Compliance Management

To drive the merger or acquisition process to its successful completion, we offer comprehensive compliance management, providing a seamless and compliant experience.

Our Clients


What Our Clients Say?

I am extremely grateful to LegalJini for their exceptional guidance and support throughout our recent merger process. Their expertise in mergers played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition and a successful outcome. Their commitment to our objectives was unwavering, and I can confidently say that partnering with LegalJini was one of the best decisions we made.
Mr. Prashant Halari
CEO, Synoverge Technologies
The LegalJini team exceeded our expectations in facilitating our recent acquisition. Their deep knowledge of M&A intricacies, along with their ability to navigate complex legal frameworks, was remarkable. Their guidance ensured that our interests were protected at every step of the process. Thank you, LegalJini, for your invaluable support.
Mr. Stuart Wheeler
Air Charter International - Dubai
LegalJini's Merger and Acquisition services are truly top-notch. Their team's dedication, attention to detail, and strategic insights were instrumental in making our acquisition a seamless experience. From due diligence to legal compliance, they covered every aspect with precision. I highly recommend LegalJini to anyone embarking on this journey.
Mr. Ravi Chawla
CEO, Gulf Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

M&A involves consolidating two or more companies’ assets, operations, and ownership interests to reshape the corporate landscape.

Common benefits include business growth, efficiency improvement, diversification, cost savings, access to new markets, financial gain, and competitive advantage.

Types include horizontal merger, vertical merger, conglomerate merger, friendly merger, reverse merger, asset purchase, stock purchase, tender offer, leveraged buyout, and acquire.

LegalJini provides advisory services, transaction services (company sales, acquisitions, divestitures), due diligence, post-transaction integration, and a streamlined process with due diligence, business valuation, regulatory approvals, and compliance management.

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