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Local resident director services involve the appointment of a resident director who is a legal resident of the country in which the foreign company wishes to establish its presence.

Local Resident Director Services are a crucial component of international business operations, especially in jurisdictions where foreign companies are required to have a local representative or director. 

The requirement for a resident director in India, as stipulated in Section 149(3) of the Companies Act, 2013, serves as a means of ensuring local representation. In India, this requirement doesn’t hinge on the nationality of the individual but rather on their eligibility based on their duration of stay in the country.

Even foreign nationals who have resided in India for a specific period, which is 182 days during the financial year, can be appointed as resident directors. There are a host of benefits to appointing a Local Resident Director such as saving considerable overhead costs, possessing relevant knowledge of local regulations to stay compliant, and navigating the language barrier, amongst various other benefits.

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Compliance and Governance

Navigating the intricate landscape of compliance and governance is vital for the success of foreign subsidiaries in India. LegalJini simplifies this journey with comprehensive services, ensuring your business adheres to legal standards and thrives.

LegalJini provides detailed insights into the requirements for appointing a resident director for your foreign subsidiary, ensuring adherence to legal standards.

We offer resident director services, allowing your foreign subsidiary to meet the compliance requirements seamlessly.

LegalJini offers guidance on the duties and responsibilities of directors, ensuring that your business operates effectively within the legal framework.

Our consultancy services extend to visa-related matters, facilitating a smooth entry and stay for your appointed directors.

LegalJini assists in organizing board, committee, and shareholders meetings, helping your business maintain governance standards.


In-Country Assistance

When expanding your operations to a foreign land like India, understanding local nuances and building valuable connections are paramount. LegalJini serves as your guide, offering insights into local laws, culture, recruitment, and networking to ensure a successful transition under its local resident director services in India.

We provide essential guidance on local laws and business practices, helping your foreign subsidiary navigate the Indian business landscape with ease.

LegalJini offers insights into local culture, aiding your business in building strong relationships within the Indian community.

We support recruitment efforts by connecting your business with talented professionals in India.

LegalJini facilitates networking by connecting your business with valuable contacts in India.


Adaptable Services and All-Inclusive Solutions

Entering a new market requires comprehensive solutions and a partner who understands your unique journey. Through its residential director services in India, LegalJini offers end-to-end support, KPO services, strategic guidance, and valuable connections to ensure your business thrives in India.

LegalJini offers end-to-end assistance, ensuring a seamless journey from setting up your business to managing and expanding it.

Our KPO services encompass efficient back office management, streamlining operations, and increasing productivity.

We provide guidance on broad business strategies and India-specific approaches, enhancing your market presence.

 LegalJini connects your business with leading professionals and associates, fostering collaborations and growth opportunities.


Seasoned and Trustworthy Team

Our team comprises legal experts and industry professionals with years of experience, ensuring reliable solutions for your business.

Tailored to Your Needs

LegalJini offers customized services to meet your unique requirements, ensuring precise and effective solutions.

Comprehensive Compliance

We cover various aspects of legal compliance, from business setup to ongoing governance, providing holistic support.

Global Reach

With a global presence, LegalJini assists businesses worldwide, helping them navigate the complexities of the Indian market.

Our Process

Our process is meticulously designed to streamline the appointment of a local resident director. We begin with a thorough review of existing business structures, conduct background checks, engage in detailed discussions with management, and handle all necessary compliances.

Review Business Structures

We begin by thoroughly reviewing the existing business structures and identifying the most suitable approach to align with your requirements.

Background Check of Promoters

To ensure transparency and compliance, we conduct a comprehensive background check of the promoters, ensuring the integrity of the business.

Discussions with Management on the Scope of Work

We engage in detailed discussions with the management to outline the scope of work and expectations, ensuring a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Necessary Compliances for Appointment

Our services cover all the necessary compliances for the appointment of a local resident director, providing a seamless and compliant experience.

Our Clients


What Our Clients Say?

I cannot express how grateful we are to LegalJini for their exceptional Local Resident Director Services. Our expansion into a new market was daunting, but their team made it incredibly smooth. From appointing a trustworthy resident director to ensuring we complied with all local laws, they covered it all. Their dedication to our success and their deep understanding of the regulatory landscape truly sets them apart.
Mr. Prashant Halari
CEO, Synoverge Technologies
LegalJini has been an indispensable partner in our global expansion efforts. Their Resident Director Services have been instrumental in establishing our presence in new markets. The resident director provided by LegalJini was not just a legal requirement but a strategic asset. Their expertise in local regulations and corporate governance was evident in every interaction. Thanks to LegalJini, we've been able to operate confidently and successfully abroad.
Mr. Stuart Wheeler
Air Charter International - Dubai
LegalJini's Local Resident Director Services have been crucial to our international ventures. Their resident director not only fulfilled the legal requirement but went above and beyond to guide us through the complexities of doing business in a foreign country. Compliance was seamless, and their proactive risk mitigation strategies saved us from potential issues. We trust LegalJini wholeheartedly and highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand globally.
Mr. Ravi Chawla
CEO, Gulf Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

A Local Resident Director is a legal resident of the country where a foreign company wants to establish its presence. Their primary role is to ensure the company’s compliance with local laws and regulations, provide local representation, and facilitate governance.

Yes, in India, the eligibility for a Local Resident Director position is not dependent on the individual’s nationality but rather on their duration of stay in the country. Even foreign nationals who have resided in India for a specific period, which is 182 days during the financial year, can be appointed as resident directors.

LegalJini’s Local Resident Director Services in India often include a range of support, such as compliance management, local representation, governance assistance, risk mitigation, and more. These services are designed to help foreign companies establish and maintain a successful presence in a new jurisdiction.

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