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POSH compliance services play a crucial role in fostering a safe and respectful workplace environment for women, addressing both the legal obligations of the company and the moral imperative of ensuring freedom from harassment and discrimination, especially for women employees.

Preventing workplace harassment of women is a critical aspect of building a safe and inclusive work environment. POSH, which stands for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, is a comprehensive set of guidelines and regulations. POSH Compliance Service is designed to address and prevent instances of sexual harassment of women at workplaces in India.

By adhering to regulations offered by POSH Compliance & Consultancy Services, companies create an environment where female employees feel safe, respected, and empowered to report any instances of harassment without fear of retaliation.

Enforced under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013, POSH mandates organizations to establish mechanisms as per the said Act that ensure the safety and dignity of their women employees.

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20yrs Of serving clients

Group Established in 2004, LegalJini group provides expert legal, compliance, tax, and POSH consultancy services on an Outsourcing Model

1200+ Clients across geographies

Includes entities like MNCs, Listed Entities, MSMEs, Startups, and NGOs that we have served dedicatedly over the past 20 years with our effective POSH Compliance & Consultancy Services

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Including Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, POSH Compliance Service Experts, and Tax Experts with a combined experience of 150+ years


Policy Development and Training Services

At this stage, our POSH compliance services develop and implement comprehensive POSH policies and training programs at the workplace. We also empower employees with the knowledge and skills to prevent and report harassment on immediate notice.

Drafting comprehensive anti-harassment policies in alignment with legal requirements.

Conducting engaging workshops to create awareness and educate employees about POSH regulations and prevention.

Training employees under the POSH compliance services program that lists out what falls under sexual harassment. The program can be both online and offline and at the end of the passing the test or subject matter, a certification can be obtained.

Launching targeted campaigns to sensitize employees about their rights, responsibilities, and the importance of maintaining a respectful workplace environment.

Tailoring workshops to your organization’s specific needs, ensuring effective communication of POSH compliance services regulations and preventive measures.

Regularly reviewing and updating your organization’s anti-harassment policies to reflect evolving legal requirements and industry best practices.


Complaint Handling and Resolution Services

These services help organizations to ensure a fair and effective investigation and resolution of harassment complaints. We provide support to employees who have experienced any sort of harassment.

Assisting in establishing a structured internal committee to receive, address, and accept complaints.

Enhancing your organization’s commitment to fair and unbiased proceedings by engaging our seasoned professionals as external members of your Internal Committee (IC).

Guiding fair and sensitive handling of harassment cases and bringing resolution in stipulated time with the help of experienced External Members provided by our POSH Compliance & Consultancy Services.


Compliance and Support Services

The compliance and support services help maintain POSH compliance and create a safe and supportive workplace for all employees. There are regular audits and expert guidance to maintain a healthy work environment.

Conduct thorough audits to ensure that your organization meets all POSH compliance standards.

Establishing a confidential helpline to allow employees to report incidents or concerns anonymously, promoting a safe reporting mechanism.

Providing expert guidance in documenting and maintaining records of complaints, investigations, and actions taken, ensuring compliance with documentation requirements.

Assisting in managing the aftermath of harassment incidents, including legal advice, employee counseling, and reputation management.

Offering ongoing monitoring and support to ensure that your organization maintains a culture of respect and compliance with POSH Compliance Service regulations.


Seasoned and Trustworthy Team

Our POSH compliance services team comprises legal experts and industry professionals with years of experience, ensuring reliable solutions for your business.

Tailored to Your Needs

LegalJini is the trusted POSH compliance service that offers customized services to meet your unique requirements, ensuring precise and effective solutions.

Comprehensive Compliance

Being the best POSH compliance services, we cover various aspects of legal compliance, from business setup to ongoing governance, providing holistic support.

Global Reach

With a global presence with our POSH compliance services, LegalJini assists businesses worldwide, helping them navigate the complexities of the Indian market.

Our Process

At LegalJini, we take a proactive and holistic approach to POSH compliance service, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to ensure that your organization fosters a culture of respect and inclusivity. Explore how we carry out this process for our clients.

Compliance Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization's compliance needs, tailored to your legal entity structure.

POSH Health Check

Our experts meticulously review your historical compliance, providing detailed reports on your Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) status, and identifying areas for immediate attention and improvement.

Tailored Roadmap

We create a customized compliance roadmap for new companies, foreign subsidiaries, or LLPs, guiding you through specific POSH compliance requirements.

Compliance Management

Our POSH Compliance & Consultancy Services include advising your management team on all POSH compliance aspects, actively overseeing and relieving your organization of administrative burdens, and providing essential legal updates to ensure continuous compliance.

Our Clients


What Our Clients Say?

I can't thank LegalJini enough for their outstanding POSH compliance services. Their expertise and guidance have not only helped us meet legal requirements but have genuinely transformed our workplace. Employees now feel safe, respected, and empowered, thanks to LegalJini's comprehensive approach to the prevention of sexual harassment. It's a game-changer!
Mr. Prashant Halari
CEO, Synoverge Technologies
As a long-time employee, I've seen a positive transformation in our workplace since LegalJini started providing its POSH compliance services. Their training sessions, policies, and proactive approach have made me feel valued and safe. I can now go to work every day with confidence, knowing that my employer prioritizes my well-being. Thank you, LegalJini, for making our workplace a better place.
Mr. Stuart Wheeler
Air Charter International - Dubai
LegalJini's POSH compliance services have been a true blessing for our organization. Their team's dedication and commitment to creating a harassment-free workplace have made a significant impact on our company culture. They've not just checked the boxes; they've helped us build a culture of respect and equality. Highly recommended!
Mr. Ravi Chawla
CEO, Gulf Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

POSH stands for “Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace,” a legal framework designed to create a safe and respectful workplace environment, free from any form of harassment or discrimination based on gender.

Every organization including Companies, LLPs, and Firms needs to comply with the POSH Regulations. However, in case of organizations with more than 10 employees are required to establish an Internal  Committee (IC) to address and prevent instances of sexual harassment at the workplace, ensuring compliance with POSH regulations.

LegalJini is the trusted POSH compliance service that offers comprehensive services to help your organization adhere to POSH regulations. From setting up an IC to providing case-handling guidance, training programs, drafting policies, and continuous support, we ensure your workplace is compliant and respectful.

Non-compliance with POSH regulations can lead to legal penalties, reputational damage, and a hostile work environment. LegalJini’s POSH compliance services help you avoid these risks by implementing effective compliance measures and promoting a safe workplace culture.

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